Marietta Kesting und Aljoscha Weskott (Hg.)

Sun Tropes

Sun City and (Post-)Apartheid Culture in South Africa

With texts, interviews and photographs by Leslie Witz, Jeanne van Eeden, Ivan Vladislavić, David Goldblatt, Kgebetli Moele, Shaheed Saleem, Gwen Gill and others

Sun Tropes follows the traces of the famous amusement park Sun City through South Africa’s history from the Apartheid state in late 70ies, through the transition period to the African nationstate of today. The book focuses on the different roles that the practices of entertainment play in the constitution of the South African state in each period. As the African imitation of Las Vegas, Sun City’s glittering hotel palaces reflect the desire of lavishness, escapism and the longing for complete artificiality. The book (re-)constructs the ‘mythical’ location of Sun City on different levels: as a historical and visual case study, as a fragmented space of post-Apartheid memory, and as a paradigm of the development of Johannesburg’s urban space into a fragmented collection of gated “paradises”.

Marietta Kesting ist Stipendiatin im DFG Graduiertenkolleg „Geschlecht als Wissenskategorie“ der Humboldt Universität Berlin und Lehrbeauftragte am Institut für Zeitgeschichte an der Universität Wien. Ihre Filme Photo Roman (2002) und Howzit!? Life in Johannesburg mit Aljoscha Weskott (2008) waren auf internationalen Festivals zu sehen.

Aljoscha Weskott ist Politikwissenschaftler, Filmemacher und Autor. Er ist Mitherausgeber von Fraktur: Gespräche über Erinnerung in der Berliner Republik (2008) und Regisseur der Filme Disco Ceremonies (2004) und Sunny Land (2009).



Dream Machine – Introduction

Marietta Kesting und Aljoscha Weskott


The Real Monuments of Apartheid

Ivan Vladislavić


Sun City and Lwandle: Making Apartheid Museums

Leslie Witz


Camp Ledig and Other Photographs

David Goldblatt


Sun City and Beyond – A Series of Photographs

Marietta Kesting und Aljoscha Weskott


Sun City Gave Us the Feeling that We Were Connected to the Outside World

Gwen Gill


And these Are Our Addictions

Kgebetli Moele


Dreams of Disco in Hillbrow: Entertainment in Johannesburg

Marietta Kesting


It Was such a Wonderful Strike

Lucas Ramalthodi


Mapping Fun in the Sun at ‘Africa’s Kingdom of Pleasure’

Jeanne van Eeden


Entertainment Acted as a Glue for Hostile Parties

Miranda Strydom


Lost Cities: Urbanity after Apartheid

Shahed Saleed


Consumption or Collectivity? Malls and Working Class Life on the East Rand

Bridget Kenny


Sun City as a Form of Life: Images of the Golf Estate Dainfern

Aljoscha Weskott