Eva Horn and Michèle Lowrie (ed.)

Denkfiguren / Figures of Thought

Für Anselm Haverkamp / For Anselm Haverkamp

The demise of the grand master narrative was also the end of big bad concepts and systems. Since then the idea of the intellectual toolbox has reigned: an arsenal of metaphors, micro-narratives, images, and tropes as instruments of analysis, whose productivity resides in their resistance to conceptualization. Anselm Haverkamp has coined and inspired many such figures of thought. This unorthodox handbook is a gift for his 70th birthday.

Eva Horn ist Professorin für Neuere deutsche Literatur am Institut für Germanistik der Universität Wien. Zuletzt sind von ihr erschienen: Der geheime Krieg. Verrat, Spionage und moderne Fiktion (2007) sowie Zukunft als Katastrophe. Fiktion und Prävention (2014).

Michèle Lowrie is Professor in the Department of Classics and the College of the University of Chicago. Recent publication: Writing, Performance, and Authority in Augustan Rome (2009).