Marc Siegel (ed.)

Stupid Structures, Happy Structures

The Work of Ludwig Schönherr

German artist Ludwig Schönherr (also known as Peter Schönherr and Ludwig Winterhalter) began making photographs and paintings in the late 1950s. In the mid-1960s, his interest in the visual arts shifted to film. Schönherr‘s work in film and photography was often directed at lending structure and order to the ubiquity of television images in the contemporary world. Despite working with and on such key artists of the late 20th century as Dieter Roth, Jack Smith, Otto Mühl and Nam June Paik, Schönherr refused to present his work in public for most of his life and is therefore an almost completely unknown figure. This inaugural bilingual publication on the artist’s work includes essays by Shai Heredia and Marc Siegel, a selection of texts by Schönherr himself and numerous color and black and white reproductions, including excerpts from the artist’s notebooks.

This book is published in cooperation with Zoom – Ludwig Schönherr Labor and Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art. Zoom – Ludwig Schönherr Labor is a non-profit organization founded in Berlin in 2019 with the task of disseminating the work of Ludwig Schönherr and other related artists..

Marc Siegel is Professor of Film Studies at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.